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As we go through the COVID-19 Pandemic together, Riverfolk Music and Arts want to bring you beautiful, fun, and exciting music. Join us on Facebook every Thursday in April and May, at 7:30 and 8:30 p.m., to watch and listen to outstanding musicians!

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April 16 

Michael Kostowskyj – Ukrainian Bandura: all genres

Grant Flick – Fiddle,Guitar, Nyckleharpa: Folk, Jazz


April 23

Peter MadCat Ruth – Harmonica: Blues, Rock 'n Roll, Folk, World

Mr. B-Piano – boogie-woogie Blues


April 30

Dave Haughey - Cello: jazz

Abigail Stauffer – Singer/Songwriter Folk, Neo-Soul


May 7

Joe Reilly – Singer/Songwriter: Music from the Heart

Aaron Jonah Lewis – Banjo/Fiddle: Avant-garde Jazz


May 14

Natalie Mae Palms– Singer/Songwriter: Folk

Annie &  Rod Capps – Singer/Songwriters: Urban Folk


May 21

Rollie Tussing – Hot Jazz, Country Blues

Jen Sygit – Singer/Songwriter: Folk


May 28

Ara Topouzian – Armenian Music 

Cary Kocher – Vibraphone

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Lisa Amoss

Chiara Barbier

Greta Barnard

Jan Benson

Mike & Therese Bossory

Jillienne Bowers

Shelley Briley

Marifran Brown

Douglas Carleton

Kelli Carpenter-Crawford

Marsha Chartrand

Carol Chase

Full Cord

Lesley Criscenti

Betty Cummings

Lisa Davis

Two Anonymous Donors

Lisa Ebert

Shelley Ferguson

Norman Fischer

Barb Gamble

Mary Goode-Kellum

Jeff Green

Kate Haughey

Pete Held

Barbara Highfield

James Horton

Debbie Huntzinger

Wayne Indyk

Val Jaskiewicz

Michael Jolley

Henrik Karapetyan

Sylvia Kay

Spencer Kellum

Cathy King

Karen Knapp

George Lavoie

Nancy Linde

Michael Mcnevin

Scott Miler

Julie Mingo

  Stephen Nason

Janet Osborn

Jeff Oxford

Nancy Padilla

Mark Palms

Carol Palms

Perry Plouff

Guy Reid

Debbie Ridley

Aileen Rohwer

Mica Shanofski

Toko Shiiki-Santos

Kelly Anne Shoemake

Ellen Silver

Alfred Small

Prema Smith

Tom Sorensen

Chris Stauffer

Paulette Stenzel

Leah Sweet

Cindy Taylor

Theresa Vickers

Kevin Wells

Bob Wells

David Williams

Daniel Winnick

Kim Yanoshik


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